Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

Economy Overview

Community-based co-ops, micro-ventures, and locally developed solutions…all aimed at sustainable economic development 

H.O.P.E. works in with several community groups. Some of our closest collaborators are peasant organizations and village cooperatives. We have worked on a grain mill and a short-lived micro-lending project with MODEIB, a local development group. KGPB, the peasant organization of the commune of Borgne, is the largest peasant organization of the commune and the group through which we network with local leaders and keep in touch with events and problems that need attention in the commune. Several projects such as a tree nursery program (Pepinye), an animal husbandry program (Zanimo), a bakery, water and sanitation projects are managed through these local groups. These programs were established to address health problems related to food security as well as income generating ventures. The Pepinye program focuses on forest recovery and reestablishing tropical hard wood and fruit trees which are vital to preserving soil fertility and protecting vine crops. With technical and financial assistance from H.O.P.E., these groups have planted over 200,000 trees since 2005. The Zanimo project is a type of revolving credit program where farmers receive an animal (goat, pig, chicken) and are required to return an offspring to a communal animal husbandry pool for restocking.