Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.


Education is widely acknowledged as the greatest key to a bright future for Borgne. Today H.O.P.E. is supporting several projects in collaboration with CECOB, the Borgne Teachers’ Association representing every section of the commune.  Key projects include:

  • Mobilized Teacher Programs  (MTP) –  Reaches 4 to 7 year old children who live in the most remote habitations for early child engagement in basic skills (reading, math, writing). 
  • Adult Literacy Programs/”Lekol Alfa” – Reaches the adult population who are anxious to learn to read/write, with community led volunteer teaching sessions and a formal training process. 
  • University Scholarship Program – a new program aimed at selective U.S. University scholarships for exceptional students with commitment to return to their Borgne community to advance community development. 
  • Borgne Community Library –  A community-wide resource center located in Borgne. Offers resources and support to schools and teachers as well as educational and creative programs for all.
  • Rural libraries – Smaller libraries located in remote areas with small collections of educational resources and leisure books
  • Teacher Training Program – offering in-service programs in a variety of topics and workshops in modern pedagogy to  local teachers

Our goal for Borgne is that these education initiatives are all community-based with local sponsorship.  H.O.P.E. collaborates with our interlocking programs to provide resources, training of the educators, and the books and technology support and funding for these projects.  Key H.O.P.E. leaders and sponsors come from university students, faculty and administrators with access to funding, resources and research materials.