Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

Clean Water

It is an ongoing challenge to establish and maintain adequate health services in rural Haiti.

Although Borgne has abundant supplies of fresh water (non-seawater) from rivers, springs, and wells, there are very few safe drinking water sources.  Most of the local water is dangerous to drink - and some is not safe even for bathing or laundry.  Our work with local water committees aims to develop and promote clean water for all of Borgne's residents.  This requires an ongoing effort to fund, implement and maintain these sources.  We are constantly looking for support for these critical projects.

One woman who was at the mobile clinic reported that HOPE had distributed kits for water treatment and soap, helping her family to avoid getting sick with cholera. Another woman who was at the mobile clinic also talked about prevention measures, explaining that before receiving HOPE health education, she did not treat her drinking water for her children. Another man who had just been treated for asthma at the mobile health clinic explained that during the cholera epidemic, HOPE helped them to treat their drinking water, which helped to prevent the spread of cholera.

A HOPE staff reported that volunteers are currently independently cleaning up garbage around 48 water sources in the commune in order to maintain safe water sources. If you're an individual, group, or organization interested in hosting a fundraiser to help us with our clean water projects, please contact or review our Third-Party Fundraising Guide.