Announcing our new Executive Director, Jim Myers

Dear Friends of H.O.P.E.,

We are pleased to welcome Jim Myers, PhD., a long-time board member, and dear friend of Rose-Marie, as our Executive Director. Dr. Myers has served on the H.O.P.E. Board of Directors since 2009, including serving as Board Chair for several years. Jim has been instrumental in securing sponsorship of key partnerships for H.O.P.E., such as the successful Red Cross cholera response in 2010, and the WomenStrong International maternal, infant, and child health program.

Over the years he has developed close connections with Dr. Thony Voltaire, our Medical Director, and many staff members in Borgne. He has traveled to Borgne extensively, and has hiked through all seven rural sections of Borgne, led by Patrick Benard Pierre, a Borgne resident and current Board member. Jim and Patrick are now working together on a research project with the goals of understanding and identifying opportunities to improve the economic situation in Borgne, from the perspective of locals--an effort that is only possible when we are willing to walk to every corner of the commune of Borgne.

The Executive Director position at H.O.P.E. is, and has always been a volunteer one, and we sincerely thank Dr. Myers for his time and effort to support the work of our friends in Borgne. He currently serves as Associate Provost of International Education at Rochester of Technology, where he also teaches and specializes in economics, natural resources, infrastructure in developing countries, international development, and global health.

The past year has been one of learning and renewal for H.O.P.E. We are grateful to walk this journey with you. Our horizon has never looked brighter, and we look forward to the future of a very special partnership among H.O.P.E., Borgne, and you!


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