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S.E.E. Youth Board

Many of us have benefitted from H.O.P.E.'s ethics about community development and we all pass along these teachings. We are the next generation of H.O.P.E. in Borgne.  The S.E.E. Youth Board works with H.O.P.E. to engage with our community model for health, education and economic growth; develop as "sense of place"; create a new narrative about Haiti. This new narrative honors the  dignity, organizational capacity and commitment of ordinary Haitian citizens, in a nation that has suffered from the danger of a single story.

"Those who learn, must teach."

– proverb of Ghana

Meet The Team

Amanda Oliver

Amanda is the Co-Head of Community Engagement at The Madeira School and deeply passionate about partnering with communities for positive change.

Anna Blackmon

Anna’s passion for social justice emerged in 7th grade, on a mission trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anna continues stretching her understanding of global justice through reading, writing, and listening to people of different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. She wants to develop grounding relationships with people from places around the world, and to help empower those communities to use their resources for economic growth.

Grace Thomas

Grace has long been involved in community service and has more recently developed a deep passion for global justice. She confronts the world with compassion and an open mind. Grace is eager to learn people’s stories and grow as a global citizen on the S.E.E. Youth Board.

Lili Sundberg

Lili is a third generation social activist, committed to improving family health and learning from the phenomenal leaders in the community of Borgne, Haiti. Lili is currently a freshman at Emory University and seeks to spread awareness about the needs and successes of Borgne as well as photos of Haitian beauty. Lili, like other members of the S.E.E. Youth Board, fell in love with Borgne at first sight.

Nyla Choudry

Nyla is a passionate high school student who is committed to global justice, health, and development. Her interest in these topics has increased with her participation in the Global Student Dialogues and the One Health Hackathon. Through these experiences, Nyla has gained greater insight into global issues and looks forward to tackling global injustice and improving health and development.

Rachael Van Der Linden

Rachael has been passionate about matters of social justice since before beginning high school, and she seeks to continuously learn about Haitian communities to ensure understanding the nation’s history in all its complexity. She is eager to contribute to the global community in her role on the S.E.E. Youth Board and to do work relating to global justice in the future.

Safiyyah Bennett

Safiyyah is an ethical leader who is interested in making real change in our world.

Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller is a first-generation social activist who loves to learn about African regions. She became passionate about Global Justice after visiting Morrocco in 7th grade. After meeting Ms. Sundberg, she became passionate about Haiti and is really excited about learning and reeducating her view and perspective on Haiti! Taylor plans to focus on African and Middle Eastern regions while in college.

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