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Our Vision For Borgne

H.OP.E. supports "Haitian solutions for Haitian challenges."  

We partner with leaders of--and residents in--Borgne to create sustainable solutions that address  community needs.   

About H•O•P•E
Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa

H.O.P.E. is powerful, different, and effective.


We work solely in the commune of Borgne, an agricultural and fishing community situated on Haiti’s northern peninsula. From a distance Borgne appears to be a picturesque seaside community with a beautiful beach, a river, and more vegetation than much of Haiti. Up close, it shows all of the struggles and suffering found amidst extreme poverty – with most people living right on the edge of subsistence.   

H.O.P.E.'s primary mission in Borgne is to support the community-driven model called Sante Nan Lakou, or "in the yard," which prioritizes the needs of patients above logistical constraints and promotes practices that make access to health care convenient and ethical.  Following the earthquake in Haiti, community leaders in Borgne created a holistic, grass-roots vehicle to promote community health that we call S.E.E. Team or Sante (Health), Edukation (Education), and Ekonomik (Economics).  

The S.E.E. Team is a Haitian response to a Haitian challenge.   

Our History

Rose Marie Chierici founded H.O.P.E. in the 1990s as a small outreach program in collaboration with community leaders in Borgne. 

Over time, as H.O.P.E. matured and grew into a very successful community development organization with a Haitian staff servicing the major priorities of Health, Education, Economic Development and Community Outreach.  The spirit of the organization has always been rooted much more in Haiti than in the USA, though the all-volunteer Board of Directors in the USA serves as a sounding board for community efforts in Borgne as well as a critical part of the public-private partnership supporting Alyans Sante Borgne—the hospital that practices a preferential option for the poor in Borgne. 


Outside of Borgne, we partner with the Haitian Ministry of Health (M.S.P.P.), PEPFAR, USAID, the Red Cross, and UNICEF.  


Today, and always, H.O.P.E. stresses transparency, solidarity, and friendship as values that guide our work in Borgne. 

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