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Our Programs Build Capacity
and Honor Local Knowledge 
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Family Wellbeing

At the heart of our work are families.  Our Sante Nan Lakou model provides preventative interventions like vaccines and delivers high-quality health care for community members, regardless of ability to pay.  With thanks to PEPFAR and the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, we also care for orphaned and vulnerable children, providing specialized well-child mobile health clinics, nutrition, and holistic care.  Learn more about how you can support these programs. 

Behavioral & Mental Health

Having spent over 25 years working with the community of Borgne to develop our innovative four-tier health model--which includes HIV testing, treatment, and counseling to promote resilience and wellbeing--we began in 2021 to  expand our social work programs. 

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Asset-based Capabilities

H.O.P.E. began with the concept of demele, or "making it," a concept that reflects the widespread suffering in Haiti, the resilience of Haitians, and an invitation to look with greater awareness at the skills, capabilities, and promise that already exists within Haitian communities.  We multiply in countless ways the effect of Borgne's capabilities through our enduring friendship.  Our partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology, Haiti Renewal Alliance and  USAID are central in these efforts.   Learn more about how you can support these programs. 

Community Voices 

Alfasosyal is our “alpha” program; it is at the foundation of every one of H.O.P.E. 's programs in Borgne. Roughly translating to “social literacy,” Alfasosyal instills a sense of pride, a personal commitment to change, and a sense of self-determination within the community. It promotes these critical values through a community education approach that places emphasis on community assets and social networks that sustain wellbeing.  Learn more about how you can support these programs, including our community libraries.

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