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Healthcare is not limited to treating injury or illness. Our family health and medical program includes prevention and nourishment to build healthy bodies, minds and communities. H.O.P.E. works with the community to determine the services and the resources needed. H.O.P.E. provides the management and core operating funding for the Borgne Health Alliance partnership (known as the ASB), which is regarded as one of Haiti's most successful and effective rural health programs. We deliver services to geographically dispersed population of 80,000 residents.

H.O.P.E. engages with outside partners to provide vital resources and funding. One of the main strengths of this health model is the diversity of its clinical facilities, which include the ASB Hospital and Dental Clinic in the village of Borgne, as well as a satellite clinic in Tibouk; mobile clinics bring services directly to the people in more remote areas who many have a difficult time reaching town. The health model also integrates clinical care with prevention activities in every household through a broad, far-reaching volunteer program. This hospital system is able to treat over 3,000 patients per month and 200-350 patients during its remote mobile medical clinics.

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ASB Health Programs:

  • Labor and Recovery

  • Nutrition Clinic

  • Surgical Services

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • HIV/AIDs and STI Screening and Treatment 

  • Cervical Cancer Screening

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Vaccinations

  • Blood Bank

  • Dental/Oral Health

Ways You Can Help:

  • Make a Donation – A contribution of any size helps H.O.P.E. meet its overall mission to provide effective, affordable healthcare.

  • Sponsor a Mobile Clinic –  It costs $3000 a month to run our mobile clinic program. Give a month at a time or for an entire year to help us deliver this critical part of our work.  

  • Donate Supplies – The most basic supplies are always needed. A donation for just $100 ensures the delivery of much needed medicines, vitamins, and health lessons about clean water and COVID-19 protection to those who need it. 


Dental Care

Thousands of Borgne residents now have access to professional dentistry and preventative care. The clinic opened in 2012 and is staffed by full-time dentist Dr. Ruthza, an intern and a dental assistant. Plus, the clinic hosts several in-service dental visits from dentists from the US who volunteer their time each year. 

Thanks to our many donors and partners, the clinic has been upgraded with digital X-ray technology and began doing root-canal work. The cost of a dental visit is only $3. But even at this cost, it can be too expensive for some residents to schedule an appointment. Even so, no one in urgent need is every turned away due to the inability to pay. With your support, we can offer more treatments at a lower cost. 

Ways You Can Help:

  • Make A Donation – A contribution of any size helps H.O.P.E. meet its overall mission by keeping the clinic doors  open to provide dental care for residents.

  • Sponsor A Dental Assistant –  It costs $350 a month to keep a dental assistance on staff. Give a month at a time or for an entire year to help us deliver quality dental care.

  • Donate Supplies – The most basic supplies are always needed. A donation for just $100 ensures the delivery of much needed supplies to those who need it. 



The links between education, income, marketable skills, life opportunities; even health; are so closely linked, you can't have one without the other. Since 2012, Lekol Alfa – our adult literacy program – has offered training in reading, writing, mathematics, community involvement and more. Its objective is to provide the basic education needs every adult needs to flourish. 

In 2015, the Lekol Alfa curriculum expanded to include lessons on health, agriculture, domestic violence prevention and child-rearing. Professionals teach curriculum in each of their respective practices, including doctors and lawyers.  

Due to the popularity and success of the program, Lekol Alfa expanded again to include a second level of education that encompasses lessons on risk and disaster management, environmental studies and community development.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Make A Donation – It costs $40 per student for on 6-month session. The lessons learned during this 6-month program help contribute to healthier, stronger community both inside and out.

  • Sponsor A Student –  This popular program receives and average of 200 adult students per session. At the cost of $40 per student the total cost per session for all of these adult learners is $8,000. Cheaper than a semester at an average college. Lekol Alfa has a graduation rate of 80%. Sponsoring them helps them progress to second level training and continued education in growth and a self sustaining community.

  • Donate Supplies – The most basic supplies are always needed like: notebooks, pens, pencils and chalk.  

The needs in the Borgne community are many, but the local educational leaders have identified illiteracy as a problem of particular importance. 


H.O.P.E.’s School Learning Center (SLC) serves multiple functions:  a school library with books for students of all ages in Haitian Kreyol;  a meeting place and resource for teachers during the school day, and the SLCS serves as a place to study, hold faculty meetings, and  conduct teacher training or in-services. Finally, it serves as a meeting place for the broader community.

The H.O.P.E. members of the team are Mark Berends (Notre Dame University), Dan Edwards (Evidence-Based Associates), Andy Elliot (University of Rochester), and Pierre Paul (“TiZo”; project director in Borgne). They work closely with Dr. Thony Voltaire; the teachers’ association in Borgne (CECOB); and school principals, teachers, and community leaders where the SLCs are located.

School and Community Learning Centers

Economic Development



Our economic development program is focused on the women of Haiti and how they struggle to eke out a meager living for their families. As a whole, women in Haiti are less educated than men, especially in rural areas. This limits their ability to make informed choices or look for options outside of the culturally traditional women's occupations. These occupations typically involve trading in  markets or small lot retail of used clothing and food stuffs. They are often the last to enjoy any small benefits of their labor.

With the support of Women Strong International, H.O.P.E. provides opportunities to alter the social and cultural landscape of women's leadership and raise their status within the community. 

This Program Provides:

  • Business Counseling – by a team of local mentors to help women entrepreneurs understand marketing analysis, learn budgeting and build a business plan.

  • The Anamtris program – provides training and friendship for women throughout all stages of pregnancy and motherhood..

  • Boukoulou – a community banking program that allows residents to safely save their earnings from business operations and reinvest it in their business. There are over 1,000 residents enrolled, to date. 

Ways You Can Help:

  • Make A Donation – A contribution of any size helps H.O.P.E. meet its overall mission by providing and connecting residents with the right tools and resources to start and grow their own business. From business counseling to inventory start-up, we can't do this work without your support and generosity. 

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