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Community Impact

For the people in Borgne, Haiti, every day can present challenges for even the most basic needs of daily living. For years, Haiti has long been plagued with a single narrative – poverty, corruption and neglect. It's our mission to change this narrative for the community of Borgne and for the country of Haiti. Through generous investment of time, talent and treasure from people like you, we can get one step closer to changing the current narrative forever.

2021 Accomplishments


Women Were Treated For Anemia​


Graduation Rate Within Our Lekol Alfa Adult Literacy Program


Cases Of Cholera, Four Years Straight & no fatal cases of Covid-19


New Certified Matwons (Traditional Birth Attendants)


Opened Savings Account In Boukoulou Community Bank


Babies Safely Delivered With The Help Of Matwons

For over two decades, H.O.P.E. has turned the contributions it receives into life-changing, long-lasting opportunities for the people of Borgne, Haiti. The hard work residents contribute every day in their own community is reflected in the many accomplishments they have proudly achieved together. The generosity of our donors has been felt around the world. H.O.P.E.'s supporters should also be proud of their efforts. Without their kindness, generosity and dedication as global citizens, the people of Borgne would not be able to rise to the challenges of Haitian life as well as they have been able to. Each and every person that has contributed their time, talent and treasure should know how much they are appreciated as a member of Borgne's extended community. 


H.O.P.E. focuses the power of your donations to provide healthcare, education and drive economic growth to create a better future and change the narrative.

Every $1 invested in the Borgne community has an 4X ROI within the local economy

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