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Change Your Perspective – Get Involved

H.O.P.E. is always looking for people with the talent and drive to dedicate their time for the greater good. There are many ways to volunteer and many levels you can get involved with. If you are looking for a way to de-center, observe and empower – H.O.P.E. and the community of Borgne could use your efforts to change the narrative and create real change.

The news media offers some beautiful insights on Haiti, but one has to look carefully to peel back the layers and find examples of Haitian success stories.  The best way to avoid “Haiti-Pessimism”  (or the fatigue that comes from viewing a developing nation only through the lens of failures) is to visit.   Whether it is members of the International Red Cross, college and high school students from across the USA, or families who are looking to make a difference, we hear time after time how meaningful it is to visit Borgne and see our model in action! 


H.O.P.E.  offers a world-class experiential learning curriculum called “Rural Empowerment in Northern Haiti.”  The seven-day experience includes excellent room and board at the Alyans Sante Borgne hospital complex, insights into folk culture & Haitian history, including a tour of the Citadelle in Cap Haitien, an opportunity to participate in a mobile health clinic, and activities specifically tailored to your interests.   Let us know if you are interested in visiting Borgne or becoming a volunteer!   

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