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Sante Nan Lakou

 H.O.P.E.'s primary mission in Borgne is to support the community-driven model for public health called Sante Nan Lakou, or “health in the yard.” 

About Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa

H.O.P.E. works solely in the commune of Borgne, Haiti – an agricultural and fishing community situated on Haiti's northern peninsula. We work as part of a formal partnership with USAID and the Haitian Ministry of Health to provide health and dental care, community-based education programs, and economic vitality. 

People trust us in Borgne because we walk the last mile: 

we walk with, rather than on top of--or away from--the members of this community. 

#Borgne Proud

#Haiti Beautiful

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Our Founder

Rose-Marie Chierici, Ph. D.

What We Do

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H.O.P.E.'s Family Health and Medicine program delivers affordable health and dental care to Borgne's geographically dispersed population of 80.000 men, women and children.  We support mobile hospitals, fund a clinic in the market region of TiBouk, and fund Alyans Sante Borgne, which practices a preferential for the poor: we treat anyone and everyone who seeks care, regardless of ability to pay. 



At the heart of everything we do is Alfasosyal, or social literacy.  This Haitian concept stresses capacity-building, human rights, and empowerment.  Alfasosyal supports community based assets and promotes sound decisions.  We also support a number of specific programs such as Lekol Alfa literacy programs and Community Library Centers that provide meeting spaces for local groups and access to technology.

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Good oral health contributes to overall health. Dental problems such as cavities or gum disease causes pain, impairs your ability to eat and speak properly, plus other ailments within the body. H.O.P.E.'s dental program provides residents dental services that serve the communities overall health.



Our economic programs focus on women, children, and households.  The savings clubs called Boukoulou, have increased women's control of their livelihoods.  The Anamatris programs, or mother's clubs,  provide tools  to increase women's agency and connect them to the resources they need to become entrepreneurs. 

Meet Our Director

Dr. Thony Voltaire, M.D.
Chief Medical Director

Dr. Thony Voltaire (Dokte Thony) received his medical degree in Family Medicine from the Universidad Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina, Cuba in 2006. He is a  brilliant doctor, a savvy innovator, and a tireless advocate for his community. 


Get Involved In Work That Matters


No matter the size of your donation, you can make real, positive change in someone's life. Donations are a great way to help H.O.P.E. provide the services and resources that the Borgne community uses to improve their every day. Donate or create a fundraiser today.

Join us on the Ground

H.O.P.E. volunteers provide a variety of core tasks and services. They do some pretty amazing things. We are always looking for generous people like you with specialized skills, passion and time to dedicate to create real change. Want to get involved?

Want To Hear A Great Story?

H.O.P.E. Haiti is dedicated to improving lives and building community in Borgne, Haiti. Learn more about our work through these stories of H.O.P.E. 

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