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Most Successful Vaccination Program in Borgne, Haiti to Date

May 5, 2023, World Health Organization declared, “with great hope,” the end of COVID-19 as a public health emergency.

Like many places globally, coping with the COVID-19 epidemic was an uphill battle with substantial barriers to overcome - misinformation, lack of health literacy and general skepticism about vaccines and their potential effects. Through hard work and dedication, Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa has had one of the most successful COVID-19 vaccination programs in all of Haiti. We are proud to report that Borgne has seen relatively few cases of COVID, and zero deaths.

By way of the community-driven model, Sante Nan Lakou, our S.E.E. Team, community health nurses, and medical team worked diligently to bring important COVID-19 education to those throughout the commune. They taught the importance of prevention through social distancing, handwashing, and wearing masks, how to build quarantine spaces, and distributed appropriate PPE to staff and community members.

Our Medical Director, Thony Voltaire, MD worked closely with respected community leaders in Borgne to have them receive their vaccinations publicly so that community members could witness the process firsthand, and have their questions answered by health professionals and respected leaders.

As a result, we were able to vaccinate over 15%, close to 10,600 people, in and around the commune of Borgne. In comparison, the average vaccinations rates for Haiti are 2 to 4%.

Your support is helping us make a real difference in and around the commune of Borgne, Haiti. Together, we can continue to provide access to life-saving health resources and education to those who need and deserve it.

With Appreciation,

Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa



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